The P.M. brain trainer and MyBrainTraining’s brain training experts present a new, scientifically proven brain trainer. The previous P.M. brain trainer is not being offered anymore. Instead you can now use the new MyBrainTraining brain trainer.

1. Assessment Test

Based on a number of criteria, MyBrainTraining will set-up a test specifically for you in the areas Memory, Logic, Calculation and Vision.

2. Training plan

The results will be factored into your custom training plan.

3. Exercise

Aided by the Daily Test, you will optimally exercise your brain and will quickly see the desired effects.

  • Concept based on the successful project: "Brain Training with Dr. Kawashima"
  • In collaboration with internationally renowned neurologists, physicians and therapists
  • Used in medical setting in noted clinics, medical offices, universities and related industries

Informative and surprising findings all around Thinking:

  • Is it true that we only utilize ten percent of our brain cells?
  • Do women think better than men?
  • How effective is brain training?

Read interings questions regarding these and other topics in our "Vieles Wissenwertes rund ums Gehirn" and become a brain training expert yourself!


Daily Test

The Daily Test helps you gauge you progress and Brain-Fitness

Trainings plan

Individualized training plans for you

Result overview

Extensive statistics help you stay on top of your training

30 Exercises

30 scientifically proven effective exercises are at your disposal


Check out the high-score list to compare to others


Collect achievements for exceptional performance

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