Cognitive training with scientifically proven effective exercises for use by physicians, therapists and hospitals

Cognitive rehabilitation software - via tele-Therapy
Designed for people with neurodegenerative,
.. for people with psychiatric and
.. for people with psychological disorders

We developed  MyBrainTraining  on the basis of 30 exercises to activate the brain, which were designed during the development of our successful "Train your Brain with Dr. Kawashima" program cooperating with the Industry University Research Project with Professor Dr. Kawashima. Dr. Kawashima is a famous Japanese neuroscientist and has appeared in other well-received brain training products before. During this development we conducted several series of tests to measure the brain waves of hundreds of test persons by means of 28 NIR probes. After thorough scientific analysis, Dr. Kawashima analyzed which of the five parts of the prefrontal cortex were stimulated and how strongly. For the exercises to show the desired effect, certain levels of brain activation have to be achieved. If the user wants to know which parts of the brain are activated by a given exercise, he can see the activated parts on a brain map as earmarked by the infrared diodes. The prefrontal cortex is a major part of the brain's frontal lobe. That part of the brain forms the basis of a human's capabilities in the areas creativity, memory, communication and self-control.






  • MyBrainTraining (MBT) was designed to support people that require cognitive training  due to neurodegenerative  and with psychiatric disorders. As every person is different MyBrainTraining is customizable to suit the individual’s needs
  • MyBrainTraining can be accessed via either a PC / tablet / or smart phone so there are no downloads needed, which means that MyBrainTraining delivers healthcare at home, or on the move
  • The person (patient) has a front end log in, which they use access at home or while out, and the Physician/therapist (administrator) has a back end log in which they access MyBrainTraining at the hospitals clinic
  • The advantage is that the Physician/therapist can initially show the patient the software in the clinic/hospital then the patient can go home and access it while the physician/therapist can make adjustments or customize the program and monitor progression/regression of the patient from the hospital/clinic any time
  • There are four default categories of brain exercises: calculation, logic, memory and vision
  • MyBrainTraining adapts continuously to each users specific brain capabilities and personal goals
  • Administer user accounts for patient
  • Define individual training plans as required
  • Customize exercises to each patient’s needs (e.g. level of difficulty, varied time limits, etc.)
  • Create meaningful statistics (e.g. to compare one patient with another, comparing him to the complete population of users or users of a specific subset, i.e. a diagnosed decease)
  • 8 languages for the user interface (German, English, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch - individually by patient).
  • … and much more
  • Tutorial for each exercise
  • Shows for each exercise which part of the brain is being activated by exercise
  • Data protection and security meets and exceeds industry standard

Functionality similar to COGPACK®*.
Modern and attractive design incorporating gaming elements in all exercises for high compliance/adherence

* COGPACK® is a trademark of Klaus Marker in Germany and/or other countries







You want to know more about MyBrainTraining Professional? Send us an email or call us at +49 89 215 471 2995.



The Association for Psychologically Impaired People and their Rehabilitation in Paderborn, Germany, uses MyBrainTraining Professional and made a video. Testimonials by the board, physicians, therapists and, especially, patients. 

MyBrainTraining® Professional is already in use at

Prof. Dr. Steffen Moritz (University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany, Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Clinic)

We use MyBrainTraining Professional at our clinic. Currently, we are conducting a scientific study utilizing this program to learn about the effects of a cognitive intervention on the symptomatic behaviors and well-being of individuals diagnosed with psychosis/schizophrenia. We believe MyBrainTraining Professional is particularly well-suited for this purpose, as it addresses and trains a number of different functional domains, employing exercises which have been extensively validated. Because the training program showcases a modern and attractive design coupled with playful elements, and functionality that is comparable to COGPACK®, it is very well received by users. The tool is very flexible and can be customized to each patient’s needs. I would like to especially stress the attractiveness and appropriateness of its design for clinical use, as child-like material is often perceived by patients as degrading. What ultimately convinced us to use MyBrainTraining is that patients can use it on PCs at our clinic, as well as online on their home computer, which is a distinct advantage for post-stationary therapeutic treatment. We believe that MyBrainTraining nicely complements our metacognitive training (MCT). We currently evaluate the effectiveness of MyBrainTraining in a scientific study.

Prof. Dr. Rebekka Lencer, Münster University Clinic, Germany, Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Clinic

In our view, MyBrainTraining’s particular advantage is the tests adapting dynamically, continuously reflecting the individual patient’s performance. For once, that adaptation happens by means of MyBrainTraining’s specific built-in algorithm. In addition, the therapist can manually define the level of difficulty when using the Professional Version to finetune it reflecting the individual patient’s needs. These dynamics ensure that the patient experiences the training as extremely motivating throughout the whole therapeutic treatment process. They often are very surprised and excited about how easily, and playfully, they climb up their personal learning curve. As patients can access and use MyBrainTraining at home, too, MyBrainTraining is suited ideally to continue a cognitive training begun at the clinic seamlessly in a non-stationary, off-site setting. Thus, any transfer of successes and progress of the treatment into the patient’s day-to-day routine can be tracked and analyzed applying innovative, modern means. This aspect will increase in importance in light of the new reimbursement system for psychiatric treatment (PEPP), which is expected to introduce a reduction of reimbursable stationary treatment times.

Marco Heser (ZI Mannheim, Germany, Central Institute for Mental Health)

We use MyBrainTraining in our therapy "Work & Office" as well as our occupational therapy. It is a unique program as people can also work on it from home on their PC. MyBrainTraining is very well-received by the non-stationary occupational therapy at the ZI, as therapists can assign tasks for the patient to be worked on at home, if they cannot be at the clinic, while the therapist can still monitor progress remotely at any time. Furthermore, the statistics offered convinced us. We believe MyBrainTraining to be an excellent therapeutic brain training tool, unique and without alternative.

Dr. med. Franziska van Hall (MEDICAL DIRECTOR STILLACHHAUS PRIVATKLINIK GMBH; BEFORE: Clinic and University Ambulance for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Charité – University Medicine Berlin)

We currently employ MyBrainTraining Professional as part of controlled neuropsychological evaluations as an active control mechanism and a targeted clinical cognitive training for those patients suffering from perceived or diagnosed cognitive impairment, especially showing as memory loss, as a result of their depression. The program being dynamically adaptive with an attractive design and versatile ensures patients neither feeling underwhelmed, leading them to becoming bored, nor being overwhelmed. Even after a few (up to 4) weeks of weekday trainings with this online cognitive training, patients and other users remain motivated. The program’s online availability enables it being used on any laptop or PC, making it a very practical tool in clinical as well as private settings.


Andreas Pfeiffer tested MyBrainTraining Professional on behalf of the special interest magazine "ERGOTHERAPIE UND REHABILITATION" (OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY AND REHABILITATION), official organ of the German Association of Occupational Therapists (DVE), and says in the Nov. 15th, 2014 edition:
"In MyBrainTraining, all therapists having an up-to-date computer with an internet browser will have a trainings platform that is professionally competent with an attractive user interface; all that without having to install any software on their machine. The option to introduce patients to the training at their home with no effort enhances the range of therapeutic treatments. From my point of view, this program is an asset and value-added for occupational therapy.
Source: Pfeiffer A. Bringt das Gehirn in Schwung (“Gets the brain going”), Et Reha 53. Jg., 2014, Nr. 11: 20-21, Hrsg. DVE 21 - Please see full test here (German only)

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