Unclear about anything? Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need to install a particular software on my computer to be able to use MyBrainTraining?
    No, MyBrainTraining is browser-based - or can be accessed via the app. You just need to launch your internet browser (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera,...) and type our website into the URL address field - www.MyBrainTraining.com. You can access MyBrainTraining without delay from anywhere.
  • Does using MyBrainTraining cost extra money?
    When registering as user with your email address, you will be able to access MyBrainTraining's full functionality (Premium Membership) for 4 days at no cost - trial phase. If you want to continue to have access to all 30 exercises and all functionality and modules, such as Daily Test, the complete Training, Statistics, Training Plans and much more after that, you will need to purchase the Premium-Membership. The Premium-Membership is valid for the chosen time frame (your choice of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months) and does not renew itself automatically. With us you chose if and when to renew your membership!
  • Have the 30 brain activating exercise been scientifically tested?
    We have been in the business of developing scientifically proven cognitive brain training software since 2008. MyBrainTraining's 30 exercises, aimed at activating the brain, were tested during the course of developing our successful "Train your Brain with Dr. Kawashima" program in cooperation with the Industry University Research Project led by Professor Dr. Kawashima in Sendai (Japan). Dr. Kawashima is a highly respected and well-known Japanese neuroscientist who has been involved in other very successful brain training projects before. We are the only non-japanese company which has managed to engage in a cooperation with Dr. Kawashima.
  • Are my data secure?
    All your data are saved on servers operated by a renowned hosting company in Germany. In consequence, your data are subjected to the strict and highly secure German data protection law and cannot be access by organizations from abroad.


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