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1. Assesmenttest

MyBrainTraining will present you a test in the categories memory, logic, vision and memory to determine your skills.

2. Training plan

You will get an initial 7 day training plan based on the results.

3. Exercise

You will train your brain supported by the daily test tooptimize your performance.

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So effective, it is even being successfully used in clinical environments

The Association for Psychologically Impaired People and their Rehabilitation in Paderborn, Germany, uses MyBrainTraining Professional and made a video. Testimonials by the board, physicians, therapists and, especially, patients. 

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Scientific Background

  • Concept based on the successful project: "Brain training with Dr. Kawashima"
  • Collaboration with internationally renowned neurologists, doctors and therapists
  • Medical use in well-known clinics, universities and the industry

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What's included?


Daily test

Take the Daily test to measure your progress and your Brain fitness

Training plan

Personalized training plans


Take a look at our elaborate statistics and monitor your progress

30 Exercises

30 scientifically proven exercises


Check the highscore of an exercise and compare your score with others


Collect achievements and fill your shelf with trophies.

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