Cognitive Brain Training

Exactly like maintaining your physical strength by exercising, your brain will also stay younger and sharper when trained regularly

Personalized Training

Your brain is one-of-a-kind. Therefore mybraintraining is adapting continuously to your brain´s capabilities and to your personal goals. Define your own customized training plans or choose between different predefined ones. mybraintraining was developed with a very special objective in mind: to stimulate your brain and to keep you sharp mentally.

Scientific Proven Exercises

mybraintraining includes 30 exercises for brain activation which were executed during the development of our successful  "Train your Brain with Dr. Kawashima" program cooperating with the Industry University Research Project with Professor Dr. Kawashima. Dr. Kawashima is a highly respected ane well-known Japanese neuroscientist who has appeared in popular and reputable brain training products before.

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Improve your Brain Fitness

The "Daily Test" consists of exercises from each of four training categories (calculation, logic, memory and vision) and allows you to measure your "Brain Fitness". Take the “Daily Test” regularly and you will see your “Brain Fitness” improve over time. mybraintraining will – if played regularly – stimulate your brain and strengthen its basic capabilities, e.g. your memory or reasoning power.

What do others say?

Users about mybraintraining

Norisha C. from Lakeland (FL)

As a professional Volleyball player (former member of the USA Women's National team) I use mybraintraining to keep my brain fit, it helps train my brain to think and react quicker on the court. As an athlete it is very important to train my body as well as my brain.

Yordanus B. from Denver (CO)

I could really recommend mybraintraining, as it has 30 very good and varied exercises to train the brain. mybraintraining motivates me along with extensive statistics functions, to stimulate and improve my brain power consistently.

Sammy A. from Atlanta (GA)

mybraintraining is a great brain trainer. I really like the 30 different brain exercises and the detailed scientific background for each of these exercises. It's amazing how the training continuously adapts the difficulty level as I progress. 

Experts about mybraintraining

Markus Hofmann, Memory Coach, Munich, Germany

With mybraintraining the future of brain jogging arrived. MBT always challenges the people gently pushing them to their individual limits. As a result, their mental flexibility is, continuously and playfully, being taken to the next level, their ambitions are re-awakened and the motivation to exercise the grey matter every day is kept alive. This type of brain jogging is the basis for a good memory and high performance mental activity. The mybraintraining-System is sensational: it is simple, modern, up-to-date, activating, sustained and above all, it is great fun.

Prof. Dr. Steffen Moritz (Univ. Clinic Eppendorf), Hamburg, Germany

We use mybraintraining Professional at our clinic. We believe mybraintraining Professional is particularly well-suited for this purpose, as it addresses and trains a number of different functional domains, employing exercises which have been extensively validated. Because the training program showcases a modern and attractive design coupled with playful elements, it is well received by users. What ultimately convinced us to use mybraintraining is that patients can use it on PCs at our clinic, as well as online on their home computer, which is a distinct advantage for post-stationary therapeutic treatment.

Dr. Dr. Mittring – Mental Arithmetic World Champion, Bonn, Germany

mybraintraining is pure joy. A variety of training modules insure you never being bored. Obviously, most important for me are all exercises in the category Calculation and those are excellent as well. I am really surprised that significant improvements can be achieved so easily, also in mental arithmetic. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to everyone.

Brain Training – general topics

Why brain training is so important

More and more people try to find ways to improve or at least maintain their brain’s capacity level. Word of mouth and media have drawn attention to the fact that the brain, similar to a muscle, needs to be exercised regularly to achieve above objectives. 

The individuals’ motivations behind their objectives vary widely and are independent of age and/or gender. There is fear of losing their memory, first signs of dementia and Alzheimer disease or traumatic medical events, such as neurological (stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson) or psychological (depression, schizophrenia ..) diseases. Often times, those issues lead to trying crossword puzzles or, more recently, Sudoku or other specialist brain exercises. However, with those, one exercises specific skills, which then are being improved upon, but there is no effect on the working/every-day memory and, in consequence, overall brain and memory performance. Playing Bridge is an appropriate means and solution for many. Yet, one needs a lot of time which not everyone hast to spare. Thus, there most be something else that one can utilize to stimulate the brain, thereby activating it, any time, and easily also in-between day-to-day chores.     

And there is a solution indeed: brain trainings are the appropriate means here as they exercise the various areas of the brain and activate it in its entirety.  Now, one only needs to fine a brain training that offers scientifically proven exercises, which are fun to do so one enjoys doing the exercises every day and does not get bored quickly. 

This is where mybraintraining comes in. mybraintraining is an online brain training that can be accessed through any browser and offers an optimal symbiosis between science and fun when exercising. View mybraintraining as your personal online-fitness-center for your brain and use our online brain training regularly, exercising your brain functions. Our brain training, or you may call it brain jogging, is fun and you improve your brain’s performance and as result your working/every-day memory in a playful way with a variety of scientifically proven exercises specifically designed for that purpose.

All 30 exercises aimed at simulating the brain were developed during the course of creating the „Brain Training with Dr. Kawashima“ program and tested in cooperation with the Industry University Research Project by Professor Dr. Kawashima. Dr. Kawashima is a famous Japanese neuroscientist who has very successfully co-developed other well-received brain training products before. The basic idea is to use entertaining and playful brain jogging exercises to achieve the highest possible level of brain activation, as that is optimal for improving brain performance. mybraintraining’s exercises are automatically adapting (dynamic adaptation), meaning they reflect the individual’s brain capability and performance by constantly adjusting the level of difficulty after each exercise answered. That way, you are constantly being pushed to tap into your full brain capabilities without over-tasking you; plus you will never be bored. That means brain-teasing exercises on the highest, your personal, level, independent of whether you set-up your own trainings plan, use the Daily Test, or select one or more exercises at will as per your current mood and abilities. mybraintraining is simple to personalize and, thus, customizable for your specific purposes. You vary as per the progress you have made on and how you feel on any given day.

It goes without saying that mybraintraining offers statistics to track your progress and success, you can earn ranks and when using the Daily Test you know if you are the “Bustling Ant” or already the “Royal Brain”. For each exercise finished your receive credit points as per the number of correct answers and the speed of your answering. Obviously, the more exercises you finish the better the accuracy of the statistical read-outs in numbers or graphs informing your about your personal performance.

You will quickly see progress and experience success, you soon will see how e.g. your ability to focus and your memory improve or that you can deal with ever-day chores much easier, e.g. the daily fun with counting the correct change at the supermarket’s cashier. 

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